Kennards Artisan Chocolates runs a number of chocolate clubs, to make it easy giving the ideal gift or just to indulge in your favourite chocolate.  

These clubs are available either weekly or monthly and can run for anything from 3 to 12 months.

The recipient will then receive a unique certificate with a personalised message, discount code and their weekly/monthly gifts.

The clubs include:

Vegan Chocolate Club

For those vegans, who want to give our unique brand of vegan chocolates, can get our chocolates delivered every month.

You can either buy the gift for yourself or as a celebration for someone you care for, whether for their birthday, anniversary, wedding or just because.

Our range is certified by The Vegan Society as well as complying with vegan ethics and philosophy.

Shabbat Club

Our Shabbat club is a unique and thoughtful gift.

Each week or month we will send a selection of chocolates, up to a value you choose.  The selection will include a synopsis of that weeks sedra and a message from the person giving the gift.

Alternatively, you can just join the club, to make sure that you have your favourite chocolates every Friday night.

Wedding Club

There are many potential wedding gifts you can buy, but few will be as unique as the chocolates included in our wedding club.  

You can help to celebrate with the happy couple, with not a one off gift, but one that they will appreciate throughout the year, for a sweet first year together.