Kennard’s Artisan Chocolates developed out of a passion for making food, without compromise.  We look to make great chocolates, using the best of ingredients, with unique taste profiles.

Kennard’s Vegan and Kosher range was launched in June 2016, with the aim of making great chocolates, that happen to be vegan and Kosher.  People were asking Andrew why companies could not make great vegan/Kosher chocolates.  Andrew took up the challenge.

The secret to our chocolates are that they use great ingredients.  Andrew’s experience of mixing delicious flavours and the passion of all our chocolate.

Within a year of launching the brand, we had won 2 Academy of Chocolate awards and 2 Great Taste awards, including two stars for our triple espresso coffee fill chocolate. 

In August 2018, Kennard’s have been shortlisted for the confectionery category for The Great British Food awards, winner to be announced in October 2018

Kennard’s outlets include

  • Pop up’s in over 75 major office buildings, around the London area, covering the City, the West End, Mayfair and West London, assisting buildings to create a positive environment to increase tenant satisfaction, by developing a positive impact for tenant employees and principals.
  • Retailers, including John Lewis
  • On line e-commerce and third party platforms, such as Borough Box

In addition to the above platforms, Kennard’s runs Chocolate Clubs, which run on a weekly or monthly basis and include:

  • Vegan Chocolate Club
  • Kosher Chocolate Club
  • Wedding Chocolate Club

Kennard’s are registered with The Vegan Society and licensed as Kosher by the Federation of Synagogues

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Our team at Kennard’s is made up of an eclectic mix of personalities. We asked them all to describe themselves in 3 words, along with their favourite flavour of Kennard’s chocolate as well as what animal they see themselves as:

Andrew Kennard
CEO, Chocolatier

Like my children, no favourites

Silver Back Gorilla

Creative, Thoughtful, Messy

Beth Dove

Sea Salt or Triple Espresso


Dedicated, Optimistic, Indecisive

felisa kennard

Sea Salt


Loving, Kind, Bossy

Amy Walker

Honeycomb Bar


Creative, Bubbly, Friendly


Zesty Orange


Caring, Creative, Charming

Alex Friend
Office Admin

Peppermint Bar

Fluffy Dog

Chatty, Kind, Fun

Marcus Mendleson
Pop Up Co-Ordinator

Sea Salt


Easy Going, Reliable, Friendly